Article 9 - Approval, Adoption and Amendment of Bylaws

Section 1:  A proposal for Bylaws amendment may be submitted by any Practitioner, Colleague or Emeritus member in writing to the Board of Directors. Such amendment will be presented to the Board of Directors and then to the entire membership for a vote.

Section 2:  The following process will be followed when making any Bylaws change:  The amendment will be presented to Practitioner, Colleague and Emeritus members at least 90 days prior to voting, the first 60 days of which will be open for discussion electronically and at the Annual Business Meeting.  Members will have access to the comments regarding proposed amendments from the business meeting and from the general discussion period prior to voting. The voting period will end 30 days after the Annual Business Meeting.  Approval under this paragraph shall require a majority vote (greater than 50%) of active membership, who respond within 30 days of the Annual Business Meeting.

Section 2:  In the event that a Bylaws amendment is requested more than three months before the next Annual Business Meeting, discussion can take place through electronic or written means only. Voting will end 30 days after the voting period is declared open. All other regulations will remain the same.

Section 3:  Bylaws amendments become effective immediately upon approval unless otherwise included as a part of the statement.

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