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NATCO’s online e-learning center offers members continuing education and career development courses and webinars.  Education and CEUs are available 24/7 via the e-learning center.  New knowledge makes donation and transplant professionals confident that they’re providing the best possible services. 

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Did you miss the 2011 and 2012 Annual Meetings? 

NATCO has select presentations available to watch at your convenience. 

37th Annual Meeting - 2012 Annual Meeting - Washington, DC

  • Interactions Update in Abdominal Transplant Immunosuppression Pharmacology
  • Pediatric Donor Management Panel Discussion on DCD
  • New Therapies for Hepatitis C
  • After the Yes for Organs: Increasing Your Tissue Consent Rate
  • The Uniqueness of the Pediatric Culture
  • Measuring Nurse Dose: Outpatient Acuity
  • Advanced Approach Strategies for Family Services Coordinators
  • Pediatric Transplant Non-Adherence: An Innovative Adaptation of Dialectical Behavior Therapy
  • The Outreach Coordinator: An Emerging Role
  • Lung Failure: The Spectrum of Treatment Options
  • Morbidity, Mortality & Quality of Life Issues in Living Kidney Donors of Diverse Ethincity
  • Moving Forward with DCD in the donor Designation Population
  • Transition from Pediatric to Adult Care: Are They Ready?
  • When Tragedy Strikes: The Death of a Living Donor
  • How to Make Quality Systems a Part of Every Project
  • Evidence-Based Psychosocial Evaluations & Their Impact on Transplant Outcomes


36th Annual Meeting - 2011 Annual Meeting - San Francisco, CA 

  • Evaluation of the New York City Uncontrolled Donation after Circulatory Determine of Death (UDCDD) Program
  • Infectious Disease Screening of Potentially High-Risk Donors: The New York Organ Donor Network Experience
  • Is it VooDoo That You Do So Well Or Is It Just being Aggressive? Pharmacological & Pulmonary Interventions That Maximize Organ Function
  • Do-No-Harm Living Donor Advocacy
  • What to Expect When THEY are Expecting: Managing the Pregnant Liver Transplant Recipient
  • Newborns as Organ Donors: Creating a Program for Families Who Otherwise Would Not Have the Opportunity to Donate
  • Organ Donor Disease Transmission: Current Landscape, Future Challenges
  • We All Have Hearts: Navigating the Maze of Cultural Diversity to Reach Common Ground