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NATCO Organ Preservation Symposium

And CTP Review Course

NATCO  CTP Review Course (Single Day)

Attendees who are interested in preparing for the CTP Exam as offered by the American Board for Transplant Certification (ABTC) will participate in this one day review course.  The topics covered by the course follow the Detailed Content Outline specified by ABTC and include:

Professional Practice

Aseptic Technique

Back Table Set-up

Organ Recovery & Intraoperative Phase

Organ Preservation – Heart, Lungs, Liver, Pancreas

Organ Preservation – Kidneys & Solutions

Specimen Collection, Packaging, Labeling & Shipping

Test Taking Pointers


NATCO Organ Preservation Symposium (Two Days)  

Attendees will participate in one full day of didactic sessions designed to increase the knowledge of Preservationists and prepare them for the second day of hands-on wet lab activities.  Wet lab activities are focused on Kidney pump operation and include:

Perfusion Machine Set- up

Kidney Anatomy & Separating Enbloc Kidneys

Biopsy Collection & Anatomical Abnormalities

Kidney Cannulation

Perfusion Machine Operation


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