Procurement Practitioners

  • Procurement practitioners manage the care of the donor to ensure organ viability, consult with families in their donation decision, arrange for the surgical recovery of organs and match donor organs with recipients.
  • Hospital development specialists determine the level of potential for donations within hospitals and work with hospitals to educate medical and nursing staffs about donation to ensure referral of potential donors.
  • Family Service coordinators are dedicated to serving donor families and providing resources and information to help them on their grief journey.
  • Public education specialists work to increase donor awareness within the community.

The following section assists the transplant professional in easily finding the information that is most relevant to their practice area.


Organ Donation Toolbox

Hospital Development

Family Services


Well educated employees who understand the donation and transplantation process deliver better care and are less likely to make mistakes.

  • Core Competencies –Outline general practitioner/coordinator competencies that are broad in scope to acknowledge the diverse professional practices unique to each transplant center.