2023 Innovation Award Nominations


2023 NATCO Innovation Award

Call for Nominations


NATCO - The Organization for Transplant Professionals wishes to recognize the achievements of an outstanding group or individual at the NATCO 48th Annual Meeting.  The "Donation and Transplant Innovation Award" will be awarded for "outstanding commitment" to making a difference and a positive impact on the field of donation and transplantation through dedication, passion and diligent efforts.  This individual or group will be honored on stage at the annual meeting on Tuesday, August 8, 2023, and recognized for their outstanding contributions.


Who can be nominated?

You may submit multiple nominations for groups or individuals who participate in the organ procurement or transplantation field directly or indirectly (e.g., procurement staff, critical care staff, emergency staff, hospital CEO, transplant coordinators, nurses, physicians, administrators, palliative care, etc.)  By submitting a nomination, the nominating organization accepts responsibility to send the nominee (s), if selected for the Donation and Transplant Innovation Award, to the NATCO 48th Annual Meeting and ensures attendance at the meeting.


Evaluation Criteria for the Donation and Transplant Innovation Award:

There will be an individual, organization or group selected from either a hospital, transplant center or OPO.

The Donation and Transplant Innovation Award recipient: 

  • Has demonstrated an ongoing commitment and passion to enhancing donation and transplantation
  • Has worked collaboratively with other donation partners to increase donation and transplantation through innovative improvement strategies that resulted in measurable changes
  • Has made a significant contribution in promoting donation and transplantation
  • Has committed to attend the NATCO 48th Annual Meeting on Tuesday, August 8, 2023 in Orlando, FL.



Provide the Nominees' name, institution, and all contact information (name, title, institution, address, phone, fax, email)

  • Provide the name of person who is submitting the nomination, institution, and all contact information (name, title, institution, address, phone, fax, email)
  • A narrative (no more than one typed page, single spaced) explaining why this individual/group should receive the Donation and Transplant Innovation Award. In particular, describe how they have "impacted" donation and transplantation by improving processes that resulted in measurable change. Supporting data, may be attached to the 1-page narrative
  • The person who nominated the selected Donation and Transplant Innovation Award will be notified in early June and will be responsible for ensuring the award recipient (s) are in attendance 


Selection Process:

  • The winner will be selected by the NATCO Board of Directors. All decisions are at the discretion of the Board of Directors and decisions are final. 


Please click the link below to submit Nominations by May 10th.


Nomination Form


For questions contact: Kathleen Hostert at kathleenh@natco1.org