Where do I begin?

As part of our mission to promote the professional development of our members, NATCO encourages all members to submit abstracts, poster presentations, and articles for publication in Progress in Transplantation.

An essential component of the success of transplantation has been the infusion of sound research principles into the many aspects of organ procurement and clinical transplantation. NATCO supports and encourages ongoing research by its members through peer-to-peer interaction, and providing a forum to share knowledge through case studies and abstracts.

In order to help develop the skills needed to successfully publish or present on a national platform,  NATCO offers several opportunities to learn.  We have a webinar scheduled for 2020 discussing how to prepare to write for publication.  Please sign up for this valuable opportunity.

Guidelines to Assist in Research Projects

The Research Committee has developed many written processes and guidelines to help NATCO researchers with their research projects. These white papers are written by NATCO members, cover a wide range of research topics, and are available here:

Issues Related to the Participation of Children in Research
Building a Research Team
Continuous Quality Improvement as a Research Methodology
Evaluative Research
Forming a Research Question
How to Prepare an Abstract
Institutional Review Board
Sampling Strategies
Validity and Reliability in Research
Vulnerable Subjects
Managing Citations Using a Bibliography Database Manager