Liver Allograft Optimization: Hypothermic Oxygenated Machine Perfusion in Liver Transplantation

February 16, 2023 - 2:00 PM (EASTERN TIME)



Guergana (Gerry) Panayotova, MD, MHS
Transplant Surgery Research Fellow
Rutgers New Jersey Medical School



Liver transplantation (LT) is the gold standard treatment for end stage liver disease. With the rise of fatty and alcoholic liver disease in the US, organ demand continues to exceed supply. Due to strict regulatory oversight of US transplant centers, marginal (e.g., older donors, fatty livers) and donation after cardiac death (DCD) grafts are often declined for transplantation as they are particularly sensitive to preservation injury and risk poor patient outcomes.

Optimizing organ preservation strategies to limit injury during preservation are critical to increase the available donor organ pool, improve utilization of marginal grafts, and improve patient outcomes. Hypothermic oxygenated machine perfusion (HMP-O2) is a dynamic mode of liver graft preservation undergoing active study. Unlike conventional static cold storage (SCS or “ ice”), HMP-O2 provides continuous organ flush via the portal vein (PV) and/or hepatic artery (HA) utilizing oxygen-enriched preservation solutions. Clinical data, particularly in the setting of marginal and DCD grafts, suggest HMP-O2 ameliorates organ injury compared to SCS.

In this presentation, we will (1) discuss current clinical evidence of the benefits of HMO-O2 in liver transplantation, (2) characterize the potential molecular mechanisms responsible, and (3) explore ongoing innovations in the field of machine perfusion in liver transplantation.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss current clinical evidence of the benefits of HMP-02 in liver transplantation
  • Characterize the potential molecular mechanisms responsible for the clinical benefits of HMP-02 in liver transplantation 
  • Explore ongoing innovations in the field of machine perfusion in liver transplantation


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