Hospital Development



Hospital Engagement


Hospital Engagement staff maintain a close, collaborative relationship with hospitals throughout the United States, to help define, shape, and guide their roles in the donation process.



Core Curriculum for Hospital Engagement:

The Hospital Development Core Curriculum (HD) is designed to share and teach "best practices: to HD professionals and any OPO professionals wishing to develop and grow HD Skills. It is recommended that those attending this course have at least three months of experience in HD.


Advanced Hospital Engagement:

Hospital Engagement leadership requires advanced practice skills to execute their role effectively. The Advanced Hospital Engagement Workshop is designed to share and teach "best practices" to advanced hospital engagement professionals to develop and grow advanced leadership skills. 





New Resource Now Available

Hospital Development Coordinators are responsible for tracking and providing OPO and hospital data to multiple stakeholders. In an effort to make this data easily accessible NATCO is providing an easy access link to the New SRTR OPO-specific reports (OSRs) that contain information about the deaths in the OPO's donor service area, the donor conversion rates, and metrics detailing which organs were successfully placed for transplant.