Onboarding New Professionals



Changing Mindsets, Creating Skillsets, and Developing Toolkits

NATCO is proud to offer a program designed to help new professionals navigate the challenges of starting a new career or entering the workforce for the first time.  Making the transition from academia to hospital or business environments requires a shift in thinking, acting, and communicating to effectively achieve your organization’s mission. 


NATCO recognizes that organizations in our community prioritize clinical and technical training when hiring new recruits in order to focus on healing and saving lives. We have partnered with FranklinCovey, a recognized, world leader in helping organizations achieve results that require lasting changes in human behavior, to bring you proven programs that will increase productivity and personal effectiveness.  Let us help empower your new professionals to reach their highest potential.


The Onboarding New Professionals series provides over 9 hours of on-demand content designed to help new professionals acquire practical communication, self-management, and relational skills needed to supplement their clinical and technical skills, giving your staff well-rounded qualifications to help you achieve success in your organization.


New Professional Training includes:

  • 7 Habits of Effective Individuals

This on-demand course provides 6 hours of training in the following areas:

  • Be Proactive: Take initiative, be responsible, choose things that are within control
  • Begin with the End in Mind: Define a personal mission, align with work goals, focus on desired outcomes
  • Put First Things First: Prioritize, eliminate time wasters, use planning tools effectively
  • Think Win-Win: Collaborate for mutual benefit
  • Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood: Develop listening and communicating skills
  • Synergize: Leverage diverse strengths
  • Sharpen the Saw: Build motivation, work/life balance, renewal.


  • Time Management Fundamentals

This 1 hour on-demand course will provide participants with a framework to consciously discern the important from the less and not important, and the planning systems that will keep them focused and feeling accomplished at the end of every day. 


  • 15 Proven Practices to Build Effective Relationships at Work

These 5 minute modules present tips and strategies for building effective relationships with colleagues at work.  Based on the best-selling book by Todd Davis, participants will draw from the experiences of top leaders in the field who will share behaviors and practices that dramatically improve the ability to build effective relationships at work.


  • Business Writing

During this 1 hour on-demand course, participants will gain a writing advantage by learning how to write with more confidence and persuasiveness, learning how to influence readers the right way.  Participants will develop skills to revise, avoid errors, and fine-tune their writing for greater credibility.

Registration Information

Subscription Price:  $250 per member/$350 per non-member

Expiration of Subscription: 6 months from enrollment

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