Organ Preservation Symposium

Lifeline of Ohio: Preservation Workshop                      -postponed-




Who Should Attend?

This course is targeted to the Preservation and Perfusion professionals with less than one year of experience in the field. Topics covered in the course include basic skills needed to perform the role of an Organ Preservationist. Professionals who are preparing for the CTP certification examination (and therefore, have more than one year of experience) will receive a review of the topics covered on the examination as well as a review of the process of perfusing kidneys on a pump.

Agenda Outline

  Roles and Responsibilities Overview
  Aseptic Technique
  Organ Recovery:  Pre-operative Phase
  Organ Recovery:  Inter-operative Phase
  Packaging, Labeling, Shipping
  CTP Exam Review
  Organ Anatomy
  Mechanical Preservation
  Normothermic vs Hypothermic Machine Perfusion



coming in 2022:  on-demand preservation workshop