Sim Man Workshops

Laerdal Sim Man®

NATCO Donor Management OPO Hosted Workshop

Host a Hands-On Donor Management Workshop at YOUR OPO.   SimMan allows OPO professionals to better prepare for real donor management scenarios.  Real-fire training may decrease the number or severity of real-life risks. 


This 5-hour workshop, presented by two highly qualified facilitators, will provide hands-on and didactic training to OPOs and their staff in their local facilities. The fee for the workshop will be $5,500. Additional days may be added.

The curriculum for the interactive SimMan® workshop has been prepared by faculty representing OPOs across the nation that vary in size, ensuring that the curriculum represents the best practices of the donation community. NATCO has used medical professionals, including intensivists and respiratory therapists, to ensure that all aspects of donor management are integrated into the workshop.

This simulated human patient allows practitioners/coordinators to interact with the patient and coordinator team in many different case scenarios. The SimMan® system provides a realistic, simulated ICU monitor that incorporates the following data: ECG, BP PA pressures, PCWP, SpO2, Et-CO2, CXR, and 12-lead EKG. In addition, it also provides realistic bronchoscope training, needle thoracotomy, chest tube insertion, and airway skills.


Fees & Ala Carte Options:         

$5,500 for one day training.



Additional Opportunities:

An additional training day may be purchased for an additional $1,000.
Physician involvement in the onsite facilitation (physician supplied by NATCO): $1,000.

$5,500 One Day Training Fee Includes:

Two (2) NATCO facilitators
SimMan® Shipping & Set-up
5.5 CEPTCs per Attendee
Course Evaluation and CEU Certificates
Personalized Hands-On Training for coordinators:

Donor Physiology
Hemodynamic Monitoring
Resuscitation of the Organ Donor
Ventilator & Lung Recruitment Strategies
Chest X-Ray Interpretation
12-Lead EKG

Facilitated debriefing on team performance and discussion of best practices

To make arrangements for an OPO Hosted Donor Management Workshop, please contact Donna Dickt at for additional information. OPOs may hold the workshop in conjunction with other OPOs.